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Our History

The story begins at the end of the 1950s, when the Alberti family embarked on an ambitious adventure: to begin operating in the plastic injection moulding industry at a time in which the technology was completely unknown.

This mission was met with a positive reception in the mechanical and – above all – automotive industries. The company produced components orientated towards Italian car manufacturers and expanded in the sector that today represents its core business: heavy vehicles – in particular buses, lorries, trains, underground trains, tractors and diggers. It now supplies all the leading players in the European industry.

The company developed over the years, setting up CNC machining departments and research centres and becoming the leading partner for its OEM clients, supplying a series of integrated systems ranging from electronics to pneumatics. It is the tenacity, consistency and determination that Prima Industries has shown that has helped to reach its current status.

In 1997, Prima moved to its current 3800 m2 headquarters, set on at 15,000 m2 site. The facilities are kitted out with the most sophisticated technological equipment on the market.

It has branched out into a range of fields, although never losing its original philosophy. In 2004, it bought the BB Technologies division, a producer of machinery for wine industry. The company specialises in the customisation of labelling machines and supplying complete production lines for the high-precision bottling of wines, spirits, oils and drinks.

In 2013, Prima took over Tecno Project, thus diversifying further into the lighting of large, communal spaces: hotels, showrooms, conference halls.

The Group is currently present in all five continents and has a commercial presence in over 60 countries around the world.

And all with the highest levels of certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 18001.

The challenge continues…

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Leading components and solutions for automotive and transportation industry.

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High end architectural lighting systems and solutions.


Labelling and bottling machines for beverage and food industry.

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Our Mission

Insatiable pursuit of quality, automation and robotisation of the production process, impeccable company welfare, utmost care for the surrounding environment, which Prima Industries considers to be our shared heritage. These are the immovable building blocks upon which all of our day-to-day actions are based.

We make sure we engage with our human resources, which are made up of first-rate professionals in a clear, harmonious corporate structure. This has always been considered our company’s strength.

Our company has a fierce connection to the local area and it is our core philosophy to make everything we do 100% Italian. All production and manufacturing activities for all Prima Industries products occur nearby to our headquarters.

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